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Directed by Eran Creevy

Starring Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins, and Ben Kingsley

Hello and welcome to Sarcastard Reviews for more reviews go to Today we'll be talking about Collide which was released on February 24 and stars Nicholas Hoult,  Felicity Jones,  Anthony Hopkins,  and Ben Kingsley.  To start with,  Holden and Jones play Americans even though they are both British and they have to hide the British accents with American ones which doesn't make a lot of sense in this movie because they easily could have changed the main characters be British.

The only point of them being Americans is a a speech by Hopkins later on in the movie regarding their American prejudice.   Holt already has lots of experience with doing an American accent in the X-Men movies, Mad Max, and he was in Warm Bodies so he has lots of experience.   Felicity Jones doesn't and you can tell she's British, you can see it coming through a few times.   She's not in the movie that much so it's not as apparent and when I say that she's not in the movie that much even though she does get second billing she's really just in the beginning and think about Michelle Monaghan's character in Mission Impossible three it's a very similar way of doing things,  she starts out as the love interest and her and Nicholas Hoult have this relationship.

The movie started by showing the relationship with a montage and jumoing to different points throughout the relationship, them meeting and moving in the and them being in love and then it's discovered that she has kidney disease that she actually knew about that now they have to deal with her needing dialysis.  But because they're in Germany and they are foreigners they are not covered for health insurance and  she does get dialysis but she actually needs a kidney transplant which that insurance covered so the only solution they can come up with this they need to go back to America again.  Because they are  "Americans" and but the cost is around $250,000.

Nicholas Hoult, when he first met Felicity Jones he was dealing drugs for Ben Kingsley and Ben Kingsley works for Anthony Hopkins.   So Hopkins is the big bad of the movie, he's a very evil druglord, he's very pretentious and stuck up and he humiliates Ben Kingsley.  There is a good scene in the movie were Ben Kingsley wants a promotion essentially, Anthony Hopkins shoots him down by in the most humiliating way possible.  He not only says no but also is very insulting to the Ben Kinglsey and he's correct but is also insulting.

So Ben Kingsley early in movie wants Nicholas Holt todo more for him.  Felicity Jones doesn't want to date a guy who's a drug dealer so he quits and we fast-forward to all these issues with her health and meeting in Germany and now Nicholas Hoult wants to go back to Ben Kingsley for a job, a big job because he wants the big payday he wants to pay for the new kidney Felicity Jones needs.   Kingsley because of Anthony Hopkins attitude in reluctance to being a partner with them wants to rob Anthony Hopkins.

So that's basically the setup of the movie, from there on you get the typical "robbery goes bad" and there's a big chase, there's multiple car chases, including one on the autobahn.   There are plentyof shootouts with Nicholas Hoult running from Anthony Hopkins drug dealer characters and his soldiers.  Essentially they're all nameless they all have very few lines, if any.  Anthony Hopkins does have some good scenes where he's basically chewing scenery he has some great monologues, one about torture, one about how much he hates Americans, and then one about how much he hates Ben Kingsley himself, and they're really well done and I think he was having a lot of fun with this role.

Ben Kinglsey's character is crazy and unpredictable.  He's pretty unusual and the unpredictability does add some humor and tension.  There are some good fight scenes with Nicholas Hoult he's essentially playing a car theif, so without martial arts or fighting training.  But he is able to get the best of them even though these are mob soldiers, and essentially they work for the drug dealers.  They were hired so they should know some skills but here's this car thief who is essentially just a kid out of college who stole a few cars and he is out fighting these guys and a outlasting these guys.  So there is definitely some believability issues.   The car chases are good especially the one on the autobahn.   It's very fast, it's not cut to pieces so that you get these quick 10 second cuts, its well choreographed.

There is not a lot to the story, there's barely anything really.  It is something we've seen plenty of times,   just the guy is in love with a girl, he wants to do one last job, it goes wrong and then he has to make good throughout the rest of the movie.   Felicity Jones is in the beginning,  Hoult goes out and does his thing, gets involved in the robbery and then you don't see Felicity Jones again until the end when they are both in the final act.  Dealing with the consequences of what happened.  Overall the acting is good with the four leads, but Felicity Jones is listed as a lead. I would put Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley above her as far as being the stars of the movie and they do a good job.  Anthony Hopkins is very intense and sinister.  Not like Hannibal Lecter sinister but he is pretty good, Ben Kingsley's crazy which is very funny and also unpredictable which leads to some tension.  Nicholas Hoult is good but pretty much void of a lot of personality that's one of the biggest issues with the role.  There is not much to it other than he loves Felicity Jones.  That's really all there is to his character so he seems to be having fun in the role.  There is lots of action, lots of fighting but there's really not much to it.

Felicity Jones is the same,  she's the pretty girl that the lead is in love with and there is not much more to her character than this.  Really feels like a movie that could have gone straight to video or straight to Netflix but it may be it was sitting on the shelves for a little while and they released it now because Feliciy Jones has some heat on her from Rogue One and that's really all it seems like at this point.   It's not something that will make a lot of money in theaters and it's not something that any of the actors are going to be to excited about doing.

So I can rate this a six out of 10. It's slightly above average because there is some good acting from Hopkins and Kingsley.   very fun to watch those guys have fun on the screen and there are some good action seems there are some good driving to their knowledge any special in any way but also not bad not cut to pieces do not terribly choreography if that's a word and their entertaining so just slightly above average 600 4 o'clock for this and other movie reviews go to thank you