Sarcastard Review – Stephen King’s IT – Trailer Review

Hello and welcome to Sarcastard Reviews. Today we are going to talk a bit about the teaser trailer that was just released for Stephen King's IT. If you haven't had time to see the trailer yet there is a link to it in the description below. I am a big Stephen King fan, I've read as many books of his as I can and have watched all the adaptations of his work. I will eventually watch this theatrical adaptation of IT, however based on this trailer I am not excited about it.

For starters it looks like instead of following the format of the mini-series where we switch back and forth between the main characters as kids and as adults they seem to just be focusing on the kids. I looked at the cast list and there are no adult versions of the characters listed. There's also no indication of the adult versions in the trailer. This leads me to believe that the plan is to tell the story of the kids as a first part, then the story of the adults as a sequel. And this has me annoyed more than anything. For one we already know how this movies is going to go and I will talk spoilers here if anyone needs a warning although the book and the mini-series have been out for awhile. So the part with the kids ends up with not really a lot happening. They get away from pennywise the clown and the bully but that's it. The kids don't defeat anyone and most people know pennywise is going to come back so there's not much in that ending for the audience to go away with begging for a sequel.

It seems like they are banking on people liking the characters enough to watch a sequel but that could be a mistake when the cast is made up of child actors. No offense to the kids in the movie but child actors don't have the experience or training to carry a movie like this. You can see it in the trailer when the kids are trying to be intense and amp up the suspense and it just doesn't seem to be working. There's one scene which is actually a pretty creepy looking scence where the kids are looking at a slide show of family pictures and pennywise takes over the projector, making it go faster and faster so it's practically a movie. And out of the family pictures an image of Pennywise slowly comes into frame. And it is a good scene but the problem is the reactions of the kids is just not very believable. Richie has asthma and his reaction of shaking his head in fear and taking a puff of his inhaler looks like something from a kids play, not a major motion picture. The girl playing Gretta had a great reaction but it was fleeting and the actress playing her does have a lot of acting experience so maybe she will pull of a good performance.

I was a fan of the first mini-series. It doesn't hold up very well but Tim Curry's performance is amazing and it was nice to see some familiar actors like Harry Anderson and John Ritter do horror, even if it was TV horror. And it looks like the studio is putting a lot of faith in the Pennywise character. Played by Bill Skarsgard who does have some acting experience in things like Hemlock Grove and Allegient. Of course he didn't talk in the trailer and the best part of Tim Curry's performance was his delivery of lines like "We all float down here". Tim Curry was spot on and maybe they don't show the new pennywise talking because they know comparisons will be made and it won't hold up to the Tim Curry performance.

But as I said I'm a sucker for Stephen King and I do hope it's good and it's just a teaser trailer, but this definatley did not get me excited just mostly curious. I know Stephen King has been talking about how good it is and I want to believe him but he also didn't like the Shining and thought Maximum Overdrive was going to be a masterpiece. And as much as I love Emelio Estevex, that movie ain't no masterpiece. My prediction for this movie is going to be that it makes slightly less money than the Mist when it came out.

Well that's all for now.  Thanks and have a good day.

Sarcastard Reviews – Logan

Logan - Sarcastard Reviews

Starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart

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Logan was released in theaters March 3 and to put it bluntly it's a good movie of one of the main selling points of this movie is the R rating and they definitely use it to their advantage and viewers approval.  Seeing the red band trailer you'll see the part where Patrick Stewart swears a bit and you might think that might be just put in there for shock value but in actuality there is a lot of swearing throughout.  Patrick Stewart is kind of a potty mouth.

One thing to point out if you're looking for big set pieces with overblown CGI and big explosions there's not that much to this.   There is action, it is very gold with more grounded fights which you need with all the slicing and dicing with the claws.  They really bring out the violence something again if you have seen the red band trailer you've seen some of the violence but it's just a small sample of what's actually in the movie.   It does get violent it does get graphic,  and it does get good.  And another thing to point out is if you're looking for cameos there aren't any and you know that the main characters that are Logan, Patrick Stewart as Dr. X and there's Caliban but as far as any previously known mutants that's it, there's no flashbacks to explain why there are no more mutants, they just talk about what happenedmand they really don't go into detail.

Patrick Stewart as Dr. X is suffering from something that they don't go into details about.  They just say he's suffering from something that's causing his brain to degenerate and because of that he has seizures that're very dangerous to everybody around them.  And he talks about something that happened  in another town in the past.  People died, mutants died but there are no details.  They never show it in a flashback to explained what happened.  The story is joust told to us briefly and with little detail.

Logan at this point is suffering from something, and again they don't go into detail.  He believes that it's the Adamantium inside him basically poisoning him,  like lead poisoning.  In the movie he is very slow to heal, he has to strain to heel, his claws come out sometimes only partly.  He has permanent scars and he can heal but has to strain to do it.  They don't explain all the scars and I like the idea of not going back with a bunch of flashbacks.

There is on issue that I do have with the timeline of the movie though.  Logan takes place in 2029.  In Days of Future Past which took place much further into the future than Logan there were a lot more mutants around and Logan didn't have Adamantium poisoning.  So the events of Days of Future Past where Logan went back to fix things actually made things worse?  It doesn't take away completely from a great movie, but it is a distraction since they just made an effort to fix the timeline and now they mess it up again.  They are constantly rewriting and overwriting their own history.  They also do some different things as far as adding a Deadpool short to the beginning of the movie, and not having an after credits scene.

In the movie Logan is a limousine driver hiding out in Mexico, in this world the X-Men are legends.  With comic books and figurines made in their image.  People actually post sightings of the Wolverine, or someone who looks like him.  Which leads a Mexican woman to contact him for help.  She has helped some children escape from an illegal medical facility.  These children are the result of experiments with women inseminated with Mutant blood.  Which goes with the final credits scene from X-Men Apocalypse.

There is the typical hesitation to help.  At this point it's a little old because we know Logan is going to get involved to help out.  Though in this movie a lot of the hesitation is because he's protecting Dr. X.  But of course Charles Xavier wants to help.  This is where they get involved with the girl in the movie, she is the X-23.  There is a great action scene when they all meet.  Where we are introduced to the bad guys, the reavers.  A group of men who have been mechanically enhanced.  It's great to see these men be afraid of the little girl, even before the action starts.  They escape and start what is essentially a road trip movie with a lot of action.

One small issue with the movie is the main bad guy, Pierce.  He's a good villain but not fleshed out because half way through the movie he is replaced by the X-24 and a Dr. who is in charge of the experiments.  The X-24 was a good surprise but it would have been nice to have a more fleshed out bad guy.

The road trip leads them to a family headed by Eric LaSalle from ER fame.  It's a great family building moment between the 3, Dr. X, Logan, and the X-23.  There are some difficulties on the trip because of Dr. X's dementia he is losing control of his abilities which are very dangerous when unchecked and there are a few examples of this.

Again it is not the big CGI explosion fest.  The action is good and very graphic.  We're talking about limbs being cut off, decapitations and more.  Very violent and definitely worth the R rating.  There are some comedy moments, most with Patrick Stewart.  The acting with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart is great.  This is a perfect movie for both of them to end their runs as these characters.  The action scene to end the movie is very well done as are all the action scenes.

8 out of 10