Twin Peaks: "Part 12" Review

Twin Peaks: "Part 12" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Really quick here, I’m taking over the Twin Peaks reviews until the end of the revival run. Hopefully it’s a seamless transition. Fun fact about me: I would have given “Part 8” a 10.



Which is to say, at long last we got to see Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey, for the first time since she may or may not have died in a bank vault explosion back in the series finale of the original show. And of course it was a totally unrevealing, confusing, and almost contemptuously unsatisfying experience. Twin Peaks: The Return, folks!

Nothing was answered here regarding how long Audrey was in a coma, whether or not the vile Richard Horne is the tragic by-product of her and Evil Coop, or who the hell her missing lover Billy is (though someone was asking about a “Billy” back in “Part 7”), but what we did get was one of the soapiest moments on the series – a stilted, stationary longform argument between a standing Audrey and her sitting husband, Charlie (Clark Middleton).

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Twin Peaks: "Part 12" Review